Josh FarrarAbout Josh

Josh Farrar is the author of the novels Rules to Rock By and A Song for Bijou. He started writing fiction after spending ten years at companies like LeapFrog and Scholastic, where he designed and produced software that helped kids become better readers.

Josh’s first love was music, which is probably why music has played such a prominent role in his fiction. (Rules, about the formation of a middle-school rock band, featured an original soundtrack; and Bijou features enough Haitian drumming that it could be sold with a volume knob). He has played in bands, composed music for plays and films, and when he’s not reading or writing or watching amazing television, he usually has a stringed instrument in his hands.

A graduate of Wesleyan University, Josh lives in Brooklyn with his wife, their ancient Dachshund-German Shepherd dog, Popeye, and a one-eyed cat, Zeitoun.

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